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If You Create Content, You Need GolliBot.

Write Once, Post Everywhere

Focus on your passion. Create your content just once and let GolliBot worry about customizing it and sending it out to each specific platform.

Own Your Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar between your long-form content and social content is a pain. GolliBot makes it easy and puts it your posted and scheduled content on an easy to read calendar.

Schedule In Advance

You don't have to sit at your keyboard all day long to win the content game. Schedule all of your media in advance, or, post it in real time. Whatever works for you.

Learn About Your Audience

Our Audience Intelligence platform can show you what type of content your audience engages with and help you make more of it.

Your Tribe Craves Better Content.

Give your tribe even more of a reason to follow you.

There is an explosion of garbage content online. From fake news to click bait, people are getting tired of it. Give your tribe a reason to stay loyal by creating content they actually like.

Once upon a time, creating content that was valuable AND published cross-platform was impossible. Not anymore. Write your valuable content once, post it everywhere that your tribe hangs out.

GolliBot Content Organization

Gain control of your content calendar.

Write all your content in GolliBot. Long, or short, it doesn't matter. You know the right mix of content to post for your tribe.

Post it now, or schedule it to go live at a later time. Each platform can (and should) have it's very own schedule.

Watch it all come together on your simple, easy to read content calendar.

Understand your tribe.

See what they engage with so you can create the most valueable content imaginable.

There's enough crappy content in this world. Do you want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution?

The more your tribe engages with your content, the better your business will do. You'll drive more value to your tribe, and we'll put some shells into your wallet.

Let's Make Great Content Together

It's time to join other content creators like yourself. Sign up for GolliBot now and engage with your tribe like never before.

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Monetize Your Audience With Shells

Get rewarded for creating content that your audience actually wants.


Why Shells?

At some point in time, nearly every tribe in human history has used shells as a currency. Since we're working with our own tribes, we should be rewarded in 🐚's.

Beat The Baseline

Getting rewarded is simple: Be better than average. Get more engagement, earn more shells.

Get Rewarded

There's so much crappy content that you should be rewarded for adding real value to the world. That's why you can redeem your Shells towards any paid GolliBot plans, or for some cool swag from us or our partners.

Built On Blockchain

Shells is an ERC20 compliant token that you can earn by creating contant that your audience, you know, actually wants to engage with

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers. (If we missed something, fill out the form below and just ask.)

  • At the moment, GolliBot can post to Facebook (pages and groups,) Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, MailChimp, Wordpress, Google+ (business accounts only.)

  • We're working hard to bring you images and video. Ideally, they would be posted to Instagram and YouTube. We're aiming to have this done by the summer.

  • The short answer is... maybe. We believe there should be an implicit use and value of a coin besides raw speculation. Once you can use Shells off the GolliBot platform, or the current culture around ICO's changes, we can address this.

  • GolliBot tracks all of your content that was created on the platform. If you posted it, or scheduled it to be posted later, you can see it on your content calendar.

  • Yes! One of the keys to success with social media is posting at the right time. You shouldn't have to be at your keyboard all day long, so we let you schedule your posts in advance.

  • Audience Intelligence is the analytics part that makes GolliBot so powerful. You can see what content your tribe is engaging the most with, learn from it, and create better content that gets even more engagement, so you can learn from it, so you can create better content... You see where this is going.


Write once, post anywhere with our game changing media managment platform. It's not just for social.

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